democratizing science


The Democratizing Science project is opening up MIT Media Lab research in the form of STEAM learning programs in three elemental areas: ocean, earth, and space.

These creative, Media-Lab style programs will challenge and excite young people as they engage in learning experiences that are anti-disciplinary, interest-based, and hands-on.

Democratizing Science is a collaborative project from ML Learning, Open Ocean, OpenAg, and the Space Exploration Initiative. Each of our three elemental focus areas is based on current Media Lab research. Scroll down to learn more about the work of each initiative.

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ML Learning

The ML Learning Initiative believes people learn best when they are working on projects that they are passionate about, in collaboration with peers, within a playful environment that encourages experimentation. With this pedagogy in mind, we design creative learning experiences and communities to open up Media Lab research and expertise to the world.

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Open Ocean

The Open Ocean Initiative works at the intersection of science, technology, art, and society to design and deploy new ways to understand the ocean and connect people to it in novel ways, empowering a global community of explorers. Together, we will discover the unknown, the extremes, and the wonder of the sea — because the ocean is for everyone.

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Open Agriculture Initiative (OpenAg)

The Open Agriculture Initiative (OpenAg) is on a mission to create healthier, more engaging, and more inventive future food systems. We believe the precursor to a healthier and more sustainable food system will be the creation of an open-source ecosystem of technologies that enable and promote transparency, networked experimentation, education, and hyper-local production.

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Space Exploration Initiative

The Space Exploration Initiative aims to make Space accessible and engaging for millions—and someday billions—of people through the reach of DIY instruments, experiments, sensors, satellites, and ultimately through a new age of space exploration. Space will be hackable. Space will be playful.

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