This week we focus on learning through making, and reflect on the creative process through the Creative Learning Spiral. We also introduce coding as a new form of fluency and self-expression, and we start making projects with Scratch.

Watch & Read

Learning through Projects

In this video, Mitch Resnick describes how people learn through making projects, and introduces the Creative Learning Spiral as a framework to reflect about the creative process.

Subtitles are available in multiple languages.

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Learn more about creativity and the maker movement, and coding as a form of fluency and expression.

Lifelong Kindergarten - Chapter 2 (excerpts)

Also available in these languages: Italiano (Italian) , Português (Portuguese) , 日本語 (Japanese)

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Make & Share

Animate a Name

This week, we invite you to make a project, using Scratch (or other materials) to create an animation of your name. In this video, Yumiko and Dhwani show you examples and explain a little bit more.

Subtitles are available in multiple languages.

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In this activity, you will:

  • Make a project with Scratch
  • Share your project (and your process!) with the community
  • Learn more about Scratch, and discover resources to get started

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Reflect & Discuss

Pick one (or more) of these topics, and share your ideas in the discussion forum:

  • Thinking about Coding - Has your experience with Scratch changed the way you think about coding? How did you think of coding before? How do you think of it now?
  • How do you Facilitate Projects? - Have you helped others learn to create projects? What were the biggest challenges you faced? What strategies have you used to address these challenges? What questions do you have about a project-based approach to learning?
  • Creative Learning Spiral - The Creative Learning Spiral is a way to think about the creative process. How would you describe or draw your own creative learning process?

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You might enjoy these additional materials

Conversation with Andrew Sliwinski

Mitch and Andrew discuss strategies for engaging children in creative learning through projects — and compare experiences with physical and digital materials

Subtitles are available in multiple languages.

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Mitch Resnick - Let's teach kids to code.

(Video from TEDx talk - subtitles available in multiple languages)

Seymour Papert - Instructionism versus Constructionism

(Chapter 7 from ‘The Children’s Machine’)

Also available in these languages: Português (Portuguese)

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You can get this week’s videos, subtitles, and readings in a single zip file for offline use.

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