Creative Society

How can we help people develop as creative thinkers? In our last week, we explore strategies and motivations for supporting and expanding opportunities for creative learning. We invite you to share a project idea and reflect back on your journey as a creative learner.

Watch & Read

Creative Society

In this video, Mitch Resnick describes why it is important to support children’s development as creative thinkers in today’s fast-changing society, and shares ideas on how to bring the spirit of kindergarten to children of all ages and all backgrounds.

Subtitles are available in multiple languages.

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Learn more about the different ways children can express themselves, and some tips on how to cultivate creativity.

Lifelong Kindergarten - Chapter 6 (excerpts)

Also available in these languages: Italiano (Italian) , Português (Portuguese) , 日本語 (Japanese)

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Make & Share

Design a Creative Learning Activity

For our last week, we invite to you to put the ideas of this course into practice, by sharing an idea or a plan for a project you want to work on, for your students or for yourself, building on ideas you learned or explored in this course.

In this video, Jaleesa and Sean explain more and give examples.

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In this activity, you will:

  • Share an idea for a project you want to work on to support creative learning
  • Describe your project and how it connects to the ideas in the course
  • Exchange feedback with other participants in the community

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Reflect & Discuss

“I used to think … but now I think …“

We are curious to know how your ideas have evolved, based on the activities and discussions in Learning Creative Learning. One way to reflect on your LCL journey is to fill in this sentence: I used to think … , but now I think … What in your journey contributed to the shift in your thinking? How might it influence your work?

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Want More to Explore?

Because this the last week of the course, we wanted to offer you a longer list of inspiring readings. As always, explore as much or as little as you like, at your own pace.

Want even more? Find more reading suggestions on the Lifelong Kindergarten book website.

What we mean by learning, LEGO booklet

Aaron Falbel & Edith Ackermann

Also available in these languages: Italiano (Italian) , Português (Portuguese)

The Nature of Freedom

from John Dewey, Experience and Education (1938)

Fear and failure

from John Holt, How Children Fail (1964)

Best of Both Worlds - Issues of Structure and Agency in Computational Creation, in and out of School

Karen Brennan, Ph.D. thesis (dissertation defense video)

Bring On the Learning Revolution!

Sir Ken Robinson (2010), TED Talk (video)

Offline Materials

You can get this week’s videos, subtitles, and readings in a single zip file for offline use.

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Creative Learning Resources

Here are some resources for organizing and leading creative learning experiences.