Videos from seminar 5: Play (15 April 2014)

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  • Join us for Learning Creative Learning (LCL)!

    It’s not (just) a course, but a community for educators, designers, and researchers.

    LCL started on March 18 with six weeks of discussions and activities, followed by a few weeks to work on projects, leading to a creative-learning exhibition in May. There will be online sessions on Tuesdays from 1:00-2:00pm Boston time. Even though we started, it is perfectly ok to join now.

    LCL focuses on key aspects of the Media Lab approach to learning: Projects, Peers, Passion, and Play. We invite you to apply these ideas to your own teaching and learning experiences. Together, we can reimagine and reinvent education.

    Join the Discussion. No sign-up required, but we encourage you to join the discussion forum, follow @medialabcourse on twitter and submit your email address on the right for course updates.

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    A Big Experiment

    We continue to tinker with the course format and explore new tools for sharing ideas and supporting discussions. We hope you will tinker with us.

    Everyone is welcome!

    We welcome newcomers, as well as those who participated last year. And we hope you’ll invite your friends and colleagues to join too!

    All materials licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.