Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up? Oh no, I missed the sign-up deadline!!!

Good news. You didn't miss anything. There is no sign-up. If you like, you are free to register your email so we can send you regular updates about seminars and activities. But you can also just follow along with the announcements we will be posting in the discussion forum. The whole idea of sign-up is so 2013. This is not a course, it's a ... learning community.

How different will LCL2 be from LCL1?

Many of the core ideas and readings will be the same, however, we will have different panelists, a different format, different discussion tools, and a different framing (the "4Ps"). Also, we will be focusing more on applying ideas in your own context, which many participants asked about last year. So we believe experienced LCL participants will have a chance to make new connections and go deeper--and help others along the way.

Why are you shifting to a new discussion platform?

The main thing we're hoping to gain is to have more continuity of discussions. Key questions and discussions in last year's G+ community became buried, so we're hoping they will be more visible when entering the forum. Also, we're hoping to reduce advertising and spam. (We realize there are many positive aspects to G+ too, so it will be an experiment.)

What time are the seminars? What if that time doesn't work for me?

The seminars are Tuesdays, between 1pm - 2pm (US East Coast). We will be hosting the conversations on the Unhangout platform. We will send reminders by email every week and also post announcements in the discussion forum. You can watch and discuss live, or watch the recording at a more convenient time. The only downside is that you would miss the live-discussion.

I have a question about how this works - Where can I get help?

The best place is our discussion forum. The forum will be the central place for conversations with other participants, to share your work with others, and give feedback.

How much time will the course take?

We don't require a particular commitment - it really depends on what you want to get out of the course. If you want to fully participate, you should plan on 4-8 hours/week. The live seminars are about an hour. Readings and reflections could take anywhere from 1-4 (or even more) hours. You might end up discussing some of your work with other learners. And the activities are relatively open ended as well. It's possible to build a small Scratch project in 30 minutes, or spend a full day refining it. Also, there is no requirement to complete everything.

Will I get some kind of certification?

No. There will be no certification. But you’ll learn a lot, and hopefully have a great time working with other interesting people.

I missed the live streaming of the weekly seminar: Is there an archive?

No worries! We will add links to all the videos to this site, and we will post announcements in the Discussion Forum.

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