Media Lab Virtual Visit

April 6th, 11am EDT

Join the third virtual visit to the MIT Media Lab. Talk with current students and learn about our research.

When & Where?

At 11:00am EDT on April 6th, the Virtual Visit will be hosted on Unhangout. Learn more about the platform:


  • 11:00am - 11:15am: Kickoff webinar
  • 11:15am - 11:55am: Breakout discussions
  • 11:55am - 12:00pm: Event wrap-up
  • Who?

    April 2015 Media Lab Virtual Visit includes:

    Cristian Jara Figueroa, Macro Connections

    Cristian is a Masters student in the Macro Connections group currently working in understanding the temporal origin and composition of our species collective memory.

    Juliana Nazare, Lifelong Kindergarten

    Juliana is a Masters student in the Lifelong Kindergarten Group, exploring how to use technology to help adult learners improve their basic literacy and numeracy skills.

    Keira Horowitz, Program in Media Arts and Sciences

    As MAS Program Assistant, Keira handles most aspects of student life in Media Arts and Sciences-beginning with admissions all the way through to commencement.

    Harshit Agrawal, Fluid Interfaces

    Harshit is a Masters student in the Fluid Interfaces Group, exploring new ways of using technology to merge the realm of the physical and digital.

    Natasha Jaques, Affective Computing

    Natasha is interested in using machine learning and computer vision to model non-verbal signals people use in everyday conversation.

    Juliana Cherston, Responsive Environments

    Juliana is a new masters student interested in high energy physics and currently developing outreach tools for the ATLAS experiment at CERN

    Jonathan Bobrow, Playful Systems

    Jonathan is a masters student in Playful Systems and exploring systems sitting comfortably on the edge of digital and physical.

    Bianca Datta, Object-Based Media

    Bianca is a first year Master's student in the Object-Based Media group at the MIT Media Lab. She works on display technology (holography) and understanding how people derive meaning from materials.

    Viirj Kan, Tangible Media

    Viirj is working to make data more tangible, socially inclusive, sensorial and material. Currently, she is developing new ways to gain greater transparency, information and interaction about food and the biochemical environment.

    Thariq Shihipar, Viral Communications

    Thariq is currently interested in how we can find new ways of sharing and distributing knowledge using the inherent virality of the web, going beyond static papers and PDFs as currently used in academia.

    About this Visit

    Media Lab Virtual Visit is intended to open up the doors of the Media Lab to people from all around the world. The visit is hosted on the Unhangout platform, a new way of running large-scale unconferences on the web that was developed at the Media Lab.

    It is an opportunity for students or potential collaborators to talk with current researchers at the Lab, learn about their work, and share ideas. It's a great way for prospective students and collaborators to figure out if their research interests correspond with the projects being developed here. For researchers at the Lab it is an opportunity to share our work with the outside world and learn how others are involved in similar fields.