Learning Creative Learning is based on an MIT Media Lab course that introduces ideas and strategies for supporting creative learning, with special focus on the role of new technologies. Last year, for the first time, P2PU and the Media Lab offered the course online. This year, we are doing it again, but different.

Instead of thinking about Learning Creative Learning (LCL) as a course, we are thinking about it as a community. We will still have online seminars, suggested readings, and hands-on activities, with everything open to anyone with a computer and Internet access. But we are moving away from sign-ups and building more flexibility into how you can participate. Our ultimate goal is to build a community where educators, designers, and researchers can share ideas and experiences about creative learning.

What will I be learning and doing?

LCL will start on March 18 with six weeks of discussions and activities, followed by a few weeks to work on projects, leading to a creative-learning exhibition in May. There will be online sessions on Tuesdays from 1:00-2:00pm US Eastern time (Google calendar for all events).

LCL will focus on key aspects of the Media Lab approach to learning: Projects, Peers, Passion, and Play. We invite you to apply these ideas to your own teaching and learning experiences. Together, we can reimagine and reinvent education.

Each week we’ll host discussions with some of the world’s best thinkers, builders, and innovators. Different from last year, we will pre-record these conversations so that our MIT team can join the discussion with all of you as we watch the videos together. We'll also suggest readings and a hands-on activity each week -- many of them based on ideas and technologies from the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab.

A big experiment. Tinkering together!

Last year we said the course was a BIG experiment. And the same is true again this year. We plan to continue to tinker with the course format and explore new tools for sharing ideas and supporting discussions. We hope you will continue to tinker with us. In the spirit of learning through tinkering, we hope that you will jump in as collaborators rather than a passive audience. Things might break, but we are committed to fixing them and we invite you to break and fix things with us.

Who are you people? Who created this course?

The on-campus version of Learning Creative Learning was first taught by Mitch Resnick, Professor of Learning Research at the MIT Media Lab. Mitch’s Lifelong Kindergarten research group has developed ideas and technologies underlying the LEGO Mindstorms robotics kits and the Scratch programming language and online community. More about Mitch is here.

The online course is a real team effort. Natalie Rusk, a Research Scientist in the Lifelong Kindergarten group who founded the Computer Clubhouse, has been instrumenal in overall course design, and Philipp Schmidt, cofounder of P2PU and a Director's Fellow at the Media Lab, experiments with new ways for people to learn online. Other LCL2 team members include Katherine McConachie, Alisha Panjwani, Grif Peterson, Aya Sakaguchi, and Srishti Sethi.

This year we built an amazing new platform

Actually, we didn't! Our platform is still the web, though we're trying out some new tools this year. We want to create a model that is easy for anyone to replicate, so we use off-the-shelf tools, like Google Hangouts and open source software like the Mechanical MOOC (source code on github) and Discourse. It's not that hard to build a course like this yourself!

Questions? Comments? Go right ahead!

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